Gain Organic E- Cigarette, EGO Starter Kit Online

12/07/2013 10:53

We at Vaper Garden take pride in the quality of our e-cigarette products, with particular attention to e-liquid taste. Our e-liquid E-Cigarette vapor products are made from the highest quality USA USP food grade pharmaceutical nicotine and ingredients.

Vaper Garden vapor blends are made to exacting specifications after thorough testing to assure that our e-liquid e-cigarette products have the best flavor, the best vapor quality, and the best e-liquid viscosity. Optimum e-liquid viscosity prevents early burn-out of e-cigarette atomizers while maintaining high quality vapor flavor. We only buy the best extracts and buy organic if at all possible.

There are no skulls or devil horns on our products. We prefer natural ingredients and we don’t believe that those images reflect our e-liquid quality and flavor. We also offer quality Ego starter kits, batteries, clearomizer tanks and accessories. Try Vaper Garden vapors, you'll be glad you did!